Upaya: Solving the Logistics Issues in Aerozone Pvt. Ltd

Aerozone Pvt. Ltd., a B2B company based in Kathmandu’s Uttardhoka area, is authorized to import Xiaomi products into the country and distribute them to other businesses and retailers. Aerozone has built a reputation as a reliable company that offers high-quality products to its customers.
They also operate a separate warehouse in Kathmandu, Satungal, and offer their customers the latest Xiaomi products such as Smartphones, Laptops, and televisions. The company ensures that its customers receive high-quality products that meet all legal requirements.

The Logistics Problem

As Nepal is a landlocked country, the operation of the business can be challenging in terms of logistics as all deliveries must be made either by road or by air transportation. Since air transportation is expensive, businesses prefer road transportation, which can be challenging.
Aerozone Pvt. Ltd. faced the following logistical challenges while delivering their products:

  • Damage to products: The result of the damage to products was a significant loss of business and a negative impact on the company’s brand Aerozone. In the past, Aerozone has faced huge losses due to the mishandling of products and carelessness by the drivers.
  • Loss or Theft of Products: As Aerozone used to deliver their products using local drivers, they couldn’t track their products which resulted in the loss of their products. Due to this, they have faced huge financial losses.
  • Delays in Delivery:  They never used to have any backup vehicles in case of emergency due to which their deliveries were delayed. Delays in deliveries also resulted in receiving a bad review from customers and losing customers.
  • Not receiving satisfactory services: They used to connect to local drivers and they didn’t know how to behave with customers or handle products as they were not trained. Due to the untrained drivers, their sales were hampered badly.
  • Same-Day Payment: Same-day payment to the drivers was challenging for Aerozone as they faced delays in payments from retailers and other businesses.

Finding Upaya

After encountering major logistical difficulties and losses, Aerozone scheduled a discussion with its employees and other stakeholders to explore potential alternatives. And it was at that time that they discovered Upaya and how they could solve all their logistical hassle. Upaya could solve their loss or theft of products by providing them with a tracking system, a credit period, a replacement facility, and many more. Aerozone arranged a meeting with Upaya since they were so intrigued by their offerings.

After Upaya Handled the Logistics

Upaya is a logistics company enabled by Technology. It has been providing logistics services across 4 verticals (Upaya On Demand, Mero Upaya, Upaya Fulfillment, and Upaya Transport) targeted toward the needs of different types of businesses & individuals in Nepal.
Mero Upaya was the best choice among the four verticals for Aerozone Pvt. Ltd. as it offers a customized logistics solution for clients’ needs. Mero Upaya is designed specifically for clients who have unique requirements that go beyond the boundaries of the standard services we offer. Clients will also be provided with dashboards to keep track of all their goods. Clients may entrust all logistics issues to Upaya and focus on their core business. Upaya solved the following problems for Aerozone:

  • All things are done legally so they don’t have to worry about any Fraud.
  • Security of goods as they got their dashboard from where they could track their goods.
  • They were provided with a dedicated point of contact.
  • Trained driver partners helped them to not worry about the handling of their goods.
  • They were provided with a one-month credit cycle and could use that money for something else for that period.

Why Upaya became the best solution for them

Upaya creates a customized solution as per the client’s requirements and moves forward with a contractual agreement.

  • No need to worry about goods getting lost or not being delivered as you can track your order sitting at home.
  • Don’t have to roam around searching for a vehicle, now you can book the vehicle of your choice through your mobile phone only.
  • You can get customized services as per your requirements.
  • You can easily replace your vehicle as they are connected to many driver-partners.
  • A tax invoice is provided which helps you to manage your expenses.

If you are facing challenges like Aerozone used to face, Mero Upaya is the best solution for you. To know more about how Mero Upaya works, message us or contact us at 9801883861/ 9801966713.

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