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PronGO, a cold chain logistics solution from PLUSS technologies that is used internationally for temperature-sensitive deliveries is now available in Nepal through Upaya intending to provide a temperature control solution for fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, ice creams, fish, frozen foods, etc for the Nepalese local market. It has two varieties of chilled and frozen applications for different backup hours ranging from 4 to 16 hours in frozen and approximately 4 to 48 hours. in chilled. The temperature is maintained in the box using innovative phase change materials (PCMs) filled tabs.

PCM acts as thermal batteries – which store the cold or heat depending upon the application at a particular temperature and release it whenever required in the insulated box/container. Before using these PCM tabs they have to be charged in the recharging station so that it can store the cold.

The PronGO recharge station acts as a charger for the PCM tabs which is specially designed for charging these tabs within 12 to 16 hours. We keep the PCM tabs/pouches in the trays inside the recharging station and they get frozen. Currently, we have a 247kg recharge station available and can charge approximately 380 to 400 numbers of Tab. Chilled and frozen are the different temperature ranges i.e., 2°C to 8°C is chilled, and -15°C to -25°C is frozen. So, to maintain these two different temperature ranges there are two different PCMs. Accordingly, in the application, we have to take chilled or frozen tabs.

How is the PronGO box different from any other Cold pack/ refrigerated truck?

Available in 3 sizes: 3 liters, 10 liters, and 20 liters, the PronGo bag is portable, lightweight, and easy to carry. The portability of the bag makes it a great choice for small enterprises, and anybody who wants to move perishable food while preserving its quality and freshness. The PCM tabs used in PronGO boxes give better temperature control and can be used for almost 4-5 years considering single-time use per day.
However, other cold boxes use either water or glycol as a PCM with freezing points of around 0°C to -5°C. This temperature range is unsuitable for chilled and frozen applications but still, this has been used in cold boxes/ice boxes.
Refrigerated Trucks are way different than PronGO or other cold boxes. If there is a large quantity of temperature control material that needs to be transported say more than 500 kg onwards then such kinds of trucks are being used for short-haul or long-haul applications.

Upaya cold chain solution delivery service

How cost-friendly is PronGo compared to cold box/ refrigerated trucks?

We cannot compare the PronGO boxes with cold boxes directly. However, in PronGO we use advanced materials that are much better in terms of performance, life, etc. To protect the quality and freshness of their perishable products, small enterprises can use PronGO cold chain logistic solution. The life of the solution depends on the usage at the ground level say 4 to 5 years. The box is a cost-effective and efficient solution for small enterprises that need to transport perishable goods over far distances while preserving their quality and freshness. Small businesses can utilize this box to improve their customers’ experiences by offering high-quality products.

Durability throughout the day and charging duration for the PCM tab

The offered solution is designed for 10 to 12 hours of backup for chilled applications and 8 to 10 hours of backup for frozen applications. So, it will depend on ground-level usage and minimum door opening time during operations.
It takes 12 to 16 hours to charge the PCM-filled tabs in the PronGO recharge station either for chilled or frozen. A recharge Station is the only best method to charge the PCM tabs, as here the PCM tabs are charging/cooling of PCM tabs happens due to conduction (i.e., direct contact of tabs and evaporator coil) which is the fastest way of heat/cold transfer. If we go to the other options like blast freezers or chest freezers, the heat is transferred from the convection which is lesser than conduction. This results in longer charging time may be in the range of 48 to 60 hrs. etc.

How safe is the PronGO bag for traveling?

Yes, products inside the PronGO box remain safe during transportation. Maintaining the quality and freshness of your products is critical when transporting perishable goods. That’s where the PronGO bag comes in: it’s a lightweight solution for keeping perishable items like fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, ice cream, fish, and frozen goods cool. The food products will have their packaging so there is no chance of getting damaged. However, during the loading and unloading of ground, people must handle it properly.

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