Solving the Logistics issues of Pro-consumer FMCG Company Pvt Ltd.

Pro-consumer FMCG company Pvt Ltd., located at Balkumari, Lalitpur falls under the B2C business in the FMCG Industry. The company has its warehouse at Balkumari and Nakhu from where they supply products like cornflakes and chocos.
Pro-consumer FMCG Pvt Ltd is a leading company in the FMCG industry, providing customers with high-quality, low-cost goods. The company has a significant market presence and a loyal customer base as a result of its focus on innovation, quality, and customer service.

The Logistics Problem

Pro-Consumer, like any other firm in the FMCG market, confronts several logistical issues that can have an impact on its operations and overall business success. The following are some of the difficulties that the firm was dealing with:

  • Vehicle irregularity: One of the primary issues that the company suffered from was vehicle irregularity. To deliver its goods to numerous places, the company used to hire a fleet of trucks and other vehicles. Nevertheless, vehicles did not always arrive on time due to mechanical breakdowns or congested roads, or driver unavailability. These issues lead to late delivery, dissatisfied customers, and revenue loss.
  • Loss and Theft: Another big issue that Pro-Consumer FMCG Pvt. Ltd. suffered was the loss and theft of products during delivery. Since FMCG products are in high demand and small in size, there is a high chance of theft.  The company faced the issue mainly because of improper handling during delivery, and also because it was hard for them to keep track of every product.
  • Improper Route Planning: Poor route planning caused delays, increased fuel consumption, and other inefficiencies, resulting in higher transportation expenses.

Finding Upaya

The logistical issues they faced were generating delays and rising expenses, impacting the company’s profitability and customer experience. Upaya recognized the opportunity for partnership between companies and approached them.
The pro-consumer FMCG industry could enhance its logistics and supply chain efficiency by working with Upaya, resulting in greater customer service and increased profitability. Upaya’s extensive experience in logistics and supply chain management would enable them to optimize the movement of products across Nepal, assuring timely delivery and cost-effective operations.

After Upaya Handled the Logistics

Pro-consumer FMCG Company Pvt Ltd. has achieved success in the FMCG business by emphasizing innovation, quality, and customer service. Unfortunately, they experienced certain logistical challenges, particularly with their vehicle fleet management and payment handling operations. This is where Upaya stepped in to help them resolve their challenges and simplify their operations.

  • Vehicle Fleet Management: Pro-consumer FMCG had a vehicle fleet for deliveries, and they used to have difficulties with them regularly, and they often had to replace them right away. This resulted in several downtimes and higher expenses for the company. After they connected with Upaya, all the issues of vehicles were managed by them and vehicles were replaced immediately by Upaya itself at no extra cost.
  • Tracking: Pro-consumer FMCG faced loss and theft issues a lot as they had no device in their vehicle to keep track of their goods. After Upaya handled their logistics hassle, they were provided with tracking devices and daily log sheets to track the movement(Kms and Hours) of vehicles. This helped the industry to track vehicle utilization and find inefficiencies in its logistical operations.
  • Cash-Handling: The company had a separate employee who used to look after the payment of deliveries which increased their expenses. With Upaya’s trained driver-partner, now they didn’t have to keep that separate employee. Cash Handling was done by the driver-partner itself which reduced the cost of one employee.

Finally, Upaya helped Pro-consumer FMCG Pvt Ltd in improving their logistics management operations by solving challenges like vehicle fleet management, goods tracking, and cash handling. This enabled the organization to save expenses, boost efficiency, and improve overall operations.

Why Upaya became the best solution for them

The FMCG industry is highly competitive, and customer satisfaction and loyalty are dependent on timely delivery. Upaya was the best solution for them because of the following reasons:

  • Good Customer Service: When customers buy products, they expect prompt delivery and a hassle-free experience. Customers received their products on time and in perfect condition because of Upaya’s exceptional customer service. Upaya’s customer care team also were accessible to resolve any delivery-related concerns, such as delays or damaged items.
  • Credit Cycle: Upaya’s policy of a credit cycle was advantageous to the FMCG industry. To ensure timely payments to suppliers and inventory levels, the FMCG business must manage its cash flow. Upaya’s credit cycle allowed the FMCG industry to get paid for items after a specified amount of time, allowing them to manage their cash flow more efficiently.
  • Punctual Driver-Partner: Punctuality is really important in the FMCG market as the industry works on tight deadlines, and delivery delays can affect the whole supply chain. Upaya’s driver-partner punctuality ensured that items were delivered on time, decreasing the risk of delays and interruptions.
  • Products Security: Goods security is a major problem for the FMCG business as it is easy to steal. Upaya’s trained driver ensured that items of the company were carried safely and securely, decreasing the danger of theft, damage, or spoilage.

Mero Upaya is the ideal solution for you if you are experiencing the same challenges as Pro-Consumer did. Send us a message or call us at 9801883861 or 9801966713 to learn more about how Mero Upaya operates.

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